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Email Services

Marine Forecast Emails and Alerts

Many of the Buoyweather forecast formats can be set up for automatic email. This can be done online using our BuoyAlert system, or via our our marine forecast email auto-responder service.

Online Email Set Up

Above every Marine Forecast you'll find this:

To create a new marine forecast email or a 'BuoyAlert' virtual buoy trigger, simply click the "add" link and fill in the form. If you already have an email set up and need to delete, change the email address or expiration, Click the "edit" link.

This is a Premium only tool. If you would like to try it out, start a FREE trial now.

Email Auto-Responder

The auto-responders are a means to request marine forecast data via email. By sending a specially formatted message containing a model valid lat/long position, you can have a reply to any email address with the forecast data. Similar to the National Weather Services FTPmail, the auto-responders read the variables sent by email and executes a program that sends out the data. This service is primarily for mariners who do not have a direct connection to the internet, but do have an email system. The auto-responders run four times per hour. The turn around time once the email is received will be less than 15 minutes. HF email services, however, do not process and relay your messages immediately. You can expect turnaround times to be closer to 2 hours.

Detailed directions are available as a zip file and should be downloaded on to the vessels computer. An online version is available to browse by clicking here.

Buoyweather Product and Promo Bulletins

Send me occasional emails from Buoyweather and our partners in the fishing and boating industry about new products, promotions and other exclusive offers.

Long Range Marine Forecast Emails

Buoyweather premium members get fast, easy access to long range marine weather information, click for details!

Buoyweather premium members receive instant 7-day marine weather forecasts, and dynamic weather charts tailored to your location. Each marine weather buoy report comes with a complete set of marine charts made for your selected point(s); including wave data, wind speed, surface pressure, precipitation, air temp, humidity, dew temp and much more.

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