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Wave, Wind and Period Charts of the Past

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We also offer historical ocean and weather data for offshore projects.

Ever wanted to go back in time and look at storms of the past? Buoyweather members have access to past marine weather events via our historical charting system. Historical charts of wind speed and direction, significant wave height, and peak wave period are available for any point over the ocean. This is yet another unique feature on Buoyweather and the charts are dynamically created to your exact specifications. They can be centered anywhere in the world, zoomed in or out, and you choose the date.

We have over 15 years of these historical charts that can be viewed over any are of the ocean. Knowing historical marine weather can be the key to forecasting the future. You can compare previous storms where the outcome is recorded with what you see in our current forecast charts. This provides valuable insight. Accessing historical data in this easy to use interface will be tough to find anywhere else.

There are three ways to get into the chart system. Some links are provided below to help you get started. If you know the approximate latitude and longitude where you want the charts centered, you can use the form below the links. You can also visit a forecast point from one of the regions above. From the forecast point, there is a tab on the left "VB CENTERED CHARTS" and you will see the historical chart option.

Marine Weather History Links

North Pacific - South Pacific
North Atlantic - South Atlantic
North Indian - South Indian
Indonesia - Australia/New Zealand
Europe - China - Japan

These example charts are just starting points. Buoyweather charts can be centered on any lat/long position and zoomed to meet your needs. Use the form below if you know your lat/long center and date needed. These historical marine weather charts and data are only available to Buoyweather premium members. Click here to become a Buoyweather member.

Chart center: Latitude: Longitude:

You do not need to be precise. Round off to the nearest degree. Southern latitudes and western longitude are entered as negative numbers. Do not put letters like "S" in the input. 30 degrees south = -30

The historical virtual buoy report data displays 2.5 days of data per page view. If you are in need of historical data in bulk, please see our Historical Data Page for details or contact us at

Custom consulting is also available for unique wave/weather analysis and modeling. For more information on this type of consulting, see here - Marine Weather Consulting