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Buoyweather Markets

Why Buoyweather

One of the great things about Buoyweather is that you can customize it to fit your exact needs. You can set up your own menus to allow you to see only the items you are interested in. For example:


  • Custom high resolution sea temperature charts to help you find fish.
  • High resolution salinity at various depths.
  • Moon phases so you know where the fish are feeding most.
  • 7-day forecasts for exactly where you fish. Plan for that perfect day to go.
  • Custom email alerts when the weather is good to go, or no go.
  • Don't waste your time and fuel money if the weather is foul!

Offshore Cruising

  • Receive 7-day email forecasts without the need to go on the web.
  • Passage planning - Forecasts for where you expect to be in the future.
  • Avoid unfriendly weather conditions by knowing in advance.
  • Custom low bandwidth pages and email that you access via satellite phones.
  • Printable charts - take paper, not a laptop.
  • Save money on fuel by choosing the best times to travel.

Marine Industries

  • Site specific detailed forecasts needed for scheduling.
  • Reduce weather related damage by preparing well in advance.
  • Avoiding bad weather and high seas can save on fuel.
  • Data for anywhere not just where typical weather services cover.
  • Increased crew and passenger safety.
  • Years of archived data that will give you sea climate averages anywhere in the world.

Recreational Ocean Sports

  • Point specific forecast so you'll know when and where to go.
  • Detailed wind forecasts and charts for sailboat racing.
  • Email alerts so you wont miss opportunities.
  • Surf Forecasts based on open ocean swells mean you'll catch the perfect wave.

But it's not up to us! You can use Buoyweather exactly how you want to use it.