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Historical Marine Weather Data

Historical Marine Weather Data

Buoyweather's Wavetrak system is a proprietary collection of proven historical wind and ocean data from NOAA's WAVEWATCH III global wave model, a global tide model and our own nearshore modeling capabilities. Our systems approach makes this complicated data easy to use and understand for any high stakes marine data application where accurate and timely data is critical.

Buoyweather's team of meteorologists, PHD's ocean scientists, data scientists, and surf specialists, led by Dr Graeme Rae, work regularly with the world's most sophisticated nearshore and offshore ocean and weather companies: Coastal Engineers, Natural Energy and Shipping companies, oceanographers, marine biologists, leading athletes, film and television producers, and other groups looking to make multi-million dollar high-stakes decisions in and near the ocean.

With proprietary historical data sets, highly refined proprietary nearshore wave and wind modeling, over 1-million hours of video observations per year, our own global tide model, and unparalleled database of bathymetry and observed conditions from locations around the world, providing easy bulk access to historical wind and ocean data - if it has to do with ocean waves, tides, wind and/or weather, Wavetrak simply can't be topped.


The 39 year dataset is available globally and contains complete data at 3 hr intervals from Jan. 1979 to present. As newer data becomes available, this dataset is constantly growing.. The spatial resolution of the global gridded dataset (the distance between available model grid points) is 0.5 x 0.5 degrees in latitude and longitude. There are nested sub-domains within this global model which contain data at higher spatial resolutions of 1/6 and 1/15 degree - the areas covered by these nested grids include theMediterranean, Alaska, Baltic, North Sea, Australia, Pacific Islands, North West Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, US East and West Coasts, NW Atlantic Gulf of Mexico.

The following variables are available in the above datasets:

WDIR - Wind direction (degrees, meteorological convention)
WIND - Wind speed 10m (m/s)
HTSGW - Significant wave height (m)
DIRPW - Peak wave direction (degrees, meteorological convention)
PERPW - Peak wave period (s)

More Information

Please visit Our FAQ page for more information on data accuracy, available formats, pricing and delivery options.

We also offer special consulting for projects that need more detailed analysis and modeling of present or historical ocean/weather data. For an example report/analysis prepared by Buoyweather, click here - Historical Weather Report. Also, to read more about specialized consulting provided by our team, click here - Custom Consulting.

Choosing Historical Ocean Data Points

The historical WAVEWATCH III model data is on a variably spaced grid where higher resolution data is available in different areas of the world - outlined above. Contact us with the location you need and we can determine the closest valid grid point for you and also give suggestions where necessary.