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Free Marine Weather Widgets

Buoyweather has always been a popular site for linking to. Many thousands of marine, surf, and fishing sites around the world link to our free 2 day forecasts and conditions for their local virtual buoys. Now Buoyweather is taking that concept a step further and putting the power of our forecasting system on your own website!

example widget

Step 1: Find your spot.

Go to any 2 day (free) or 7 day (premium) forecast page on Buoyweather. and click on the link "ADD THIS FORECAST WIDGET TO YOUR SITE" under the forecast.

2. Name it

Pick a name for the widget, and also let us know where it's going to live.


3. Add the code to your site.

We'll email you a code snippet (it's a one line javascript) that you copy and paste somewhere on your site. There are a couple of options that the uber-nerds will probably want to tinker with, but we'll let the egg-heads figure those out themselves.


4. That's it!

Now you get a spiffy new tool on your site, visitors to your website will get the power of Buoyweather.

One last thing: Please take a moment to read and agree to Widget Terms and Conditions if you intend to use our widgets on your site.